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The Minecraft Comes Alive mod for minecraft 1.5.2, is a very unique mod in which is used to implement many interesting features that will change huge aspects of your everyday life in minecraft. Without an accessible server you are basically all alone in your worlds. Often minecraft can become boring simply because of the reason that you’re awfully alone. The mod idea is very unique, and very intelligent. By using such a complicated idea, the mod developer has inserted every planned feature into the mod, and has made it simple, easy to use and extremely efficient. Is not only fun, and interesting to use; but is also very productive and effective for many aspects of day-to-day life. The mod is based around the idea to interact with re-textured, npc villagers. You are able to gain a relationship with these NPC’s and if willing, start a family, Get married and have children.  

MCA Main FeaturesEdit

Once this amazing mod has been installed onto your game, (installation instructions will be mentioned at the bottom of this review), you will be granted the ability to meet and begin a new friendship with a villager. Once interacting with the villagers, you will be able to see their name, job, and a few conversation or interaction selections. For example; Chat, gift, and follow are the basic interaction selections that you are given the opportunity to choose from.

When trying to gain a relationship, the mod has been designed to result you with a random outcome everytime. For example, often when you are trying to gain a relationship with a villager by simply chatting to him/her, they may or may not like whatever you have been “talking” about. Unfortunatley the mod is not smart enough to actually let you write your own conversations will an understanding AI. And so, depending on whether the npc enjoys your conversation or the gift that you have chosen to “give”, their relationship status will either increase or decrease. You can see your current relationship status with a npc by right clicking on a selected npc. This will bring up the interaction menu. Up the top of your screen, you will see Hearts: x, where the “x” is, is the number of relationship status. Hearts can range from -100+ to 100+. The Higher the hearts, the more likely you will be able to marry, have kids and enjoy an amusing relationship.

Known Bugs And FixesEdit

This is the personal list of bugs in order of severity. Some bugs may have fixes listed below them. I try to fix all bugs in each new release of MCA.


  • Crash when spawning a villager or approaching a village. Crash report contains: at ayp.a(
    Conflict: MCA is not compatible with some mod you are running.
  • Crash when changing the gender of a Butcher from male to female Conflinct: there is no skin for the game to change it to, thus it crashes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 Game Breaking 

  • Villagers retain the default Steve texture and do not work correctly.
    Fix: Download and install Forge v7.7.1.611 from the Downloads section.


  • None!


  • None!


  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API.
  2. Download the mod zip file.
  3. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open your mods folder, if not existant simply create it.
  4. Open the downloaded zip file and extract the “place contents into mods folder” folder into your mods folder as instructed.
  5. Open the “place contents into minecraft.jar” and open your bin then minecraft.jar with winrar.
  6. Drag the contents of the previously opened folder, into your minecraft.jar.
  7. Open the folder “place contents into config”, and drag the contents into the configs folder found inside the .minecraft folder.
  8. Finished.
Minecraft Comes Alive Mac Installation

Minecraft Comes Alive Mac Installation

Minecraft Comes Alive Windows Installation

Minecraft Comes Alive Windows Installation

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